Dinotrux: Let's Build!

Dinotrux: Let's Build!

Board Book | 12 pages | 8.5 X 10
US$10.99 | CAN$12.99
Publication Date: 2016-10-11

ISBN: 9780794438067

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What a fun new way to explore all the surprising things in the Mechazoic era—in this book with pull tabs featuring each of the dinotrux that, when pulled, reveal something exciting on the page!

When Ty Rux comes across the perfect spot for a new garage, the Dinotrux spring into action! Pull the tabs and help Dozer, Skya, Ton-Ton, Garby, and Ty Rux clear the site and get it ready for a new building designed by their Reptool pal, Revvit.


  • Ty - Take a Tyrannasaurus rex and a megaton excavator, mash them together, and what do you get? A Tyrannosaurus Trux!
  • Revvit - Lizard or Power tool? He can measure with his measuring tape tongue and repair Dinotrux with his various replaceable bits.
  • Skya - A brachiosaur and a megaton construction crane mixed together, she uses her whip-like tow hook tongue to lift enormous loads and wield heavy objects.
  • Ton-Ton - An ankylosaur and a dump truck mashed together, he loves tearing up the dirt. He uses his big bed to carry loads of rocks and catapult them away.
  • Dozer - A triceratops and a bulldozer combined, he uses his blade to dig deep trenches, his horns to spear trees, and his jackhammer tail to break solid rock.

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