Disney Tangled The Series: Hair Raising Adventure

Disney Tangled The Series: Hair Raising Adventure

Hardcover book with hair accessories | 24 pages | 11 x 11
US$12.99 | CAN$17.99 | Ages: 6 to 8
Publication Date: 2018-09-04

ISBN: 9780794441470

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Since Rapunzel was freed from her tower, she’s not only new to being a princess, she’s new to understanding friendship, too. When Rapunzel learns that Uncle Monty doesn’t like all of her royal rulings, she sets her mind to making him a friend, any way she can. When you’ve finished reading about Rapunzel’s hair-raising adventure in friendship, use the included Tangled comb and hair accessories and follow the two braiding instructions to do your own Tangled ‘do—just like Rapunzel!

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