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Studio Fun International is proud to create children's books, toys, and product sets on behalf of many leading retail chains and publishers and would love to provide our services to your organization.

Our roots in book packaging and proprietary product development run 30-years deep. For much of that time, our team has been at the forefront of book innovation with best-selling formats, including Movie Theater Storybook & Movie Projectors®, Music Player Storybooks®, Picture Viewers and much more. This is why so many businesses turn to us today when they need a unique children's product conceived and developed. They know that:

  • Studio Fun designers and editors generate exciting new book-plus ideas daily.
  • Our specialized product development team goes far beyond basic publishing skills to include education, safety, and toy-souring expertise.
  • Our strong international manufacturing capabilities allow us to bring products to market swiftly and at the lowest possible cost.
  • Above all, we are expert listeners and problem solvers. When working for a client, we consider their goals and needs as ours and work hard to create the best possible solutions.

Our Sales Directors welcome the opportunity to help build your business by providing the best imaginable products under your brand or imprint.

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